Ester & Erik 4pcs. Tapered Candles " Caviar "

Ester & Erik 4pcs. Tapered Candles " Caviar "

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Elegant 42cm matt tapered candle in ‘Caviar’ Each pack contains 4 tapered candles. Handcrafted in Denmark by Ester & Erik using traditional methods.

These candles are tall and slender tapering into the signature Ester & Erik elegant point the top. 

Tapered to fit most candles holders.

Dimensions: 42cm H  x 2.5 D

Burn time: 11 hrs.

All candles come gift wrapped.

If you have an event or wedding and need a large quantity of our Ester & Erik candles, please email Joy on for further details.

Always happy to advise on colours.